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Photo: João Morais/ACRCloud The buzz around cloud-based solutions like Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa has been great for the tech industry. But it’s been a mixed bag for people in the film and television industry, which has traditionally had to rely on very expensive and slow recording gear. The proliferation of voice-enabled personal assistants in our devices has given rise to a new wave of technologies, especially for the media and production industry, which is now experimenting with ways to cut costs and increase productivity. We’ve gathered a couple of the best and most advanced services for those in the TV and film business. There are some old-school incumbents, like Direct Cinema, ARRI and Red Digital Cinema, but the two most promising new entrants are dedicated production and post-production voice systems. Neither are a perfect fit for every situation, but the implementation is important, so we’ve profiled both. ACRCloud — Mixed Reality Production & Post-Production Like the name implies, ACRCloud is a cloud-based mixed reality production and post-production suite. The company, which was founded in 2016, is based out of Berlin and Munich and is run by Christoph Hermanns, a former executive of M-Net who served as CTO. Hermanns says the software, which is a completely new and proprietary technology, aims to make the system as flexible as possible. It leverages off-the-shelf hardware and software components to achieve that goal. While it can be used by individuals, companies, or even production companies, the company offers a “single-room system” option that can be deployed on a large number of nodes, allowing for multi-camera live streaming in a corporate environment, he says. The technology also allows producers to have a more hands-on relationship with their productions, which cuts down on costs and makes it easier to work together with colleagues. One of the first successful implementations of the technology, Hermanns says, was the 360-degree live stream of a red carpet premiere from the 2019 Cannes Film Festival. ACRCloud did the final editing in the cloud as well, allowing Hermanns to see in real time the final cut, without having to transfer it from his laptop. The service charges around €2,800 per month, depending on the amount of space you need, but the company also offers a 4-node free trial to see




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Ispring Quiz Maker 8 Serial Number [April-2022]
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